The Irish Christmas Gift Guide

I've rounded up some of my favourite Irish gift ideas for those looking to support independent Irish stores and brands this Christmas.

Christmas gift ideas from Irish brands, stores, artists and designers

I know it’s not even Halloween but I think this year, of all years, we’re allowed to mention the C word early, bejaysus do we need it to look forward to. Hopefully families will be able to celebrate the holiday together. I for one am dreaming of Christmas in my parents house in Dublin, staying positive it will happen. 

It’s been an incredibly hard year for lots of people and for many reasons but our Irish creatives and retailers have been hit hard. I’ve made a pact with myself that all my Christmas presents this year will be from Irish stores, brands and artists. And if I’m honest, it’s not going to be that hard because us Irish have so many unbelievable homegrown brands we’re actually spoilt for choice. 

If you’re in the position to, please think about shopping local this year. To help you I’ve come up with gift ideas from my tops Irish brands and stores. Instead of just listing out my favourite Irish stores, I've gone one step further and picked out my top gift ideas from each of one.

Personally on my wishlist from Santa this year is a commissioned piece of art by Rochelle Lucey and a big knit chunky cardi by Waterford designer Bébhínn. 

Ok here’s my roundup…

For the Interiors Fanatic 

Dear Trudy

My Gift ideas

€20: Neo Grá Print

€60: Gold Napkin Rings

The Wilds

My Gift Ideas

€22.95: Handmade Pale Vase

€99: McNutt Irish Lambswool Blanket Landscape

Finders Keepers

My Gift Ideas

€35: Bird Legged Table Mirror

€99: Antiqued Around The World Map

Wink and Elbow

My Gift Ideas

€30: Black and White Polka Dotty Jug

€180: Extra Large Bison head

Arran Street East

My Gift Ideas

€40: The Small Vase

€75: The Barista Set (cups)

April and the Bear

My Gift Ideas

€35: Girl Power Black Vase

€53: Neon Letters Light - Alphabet Neon Art

Industry & Co

My Gift Ideas

€42: Champagne Saucers - Ripple - Set of 2 - Clear

€125: Breadboard - Teak - Rectangular


Nest is new to the homewares scene but wow has it come on with a bang. Situated in my new hometown Waterford, Sinead who owns the shop has the most amazing eye for unique finds and statement pieces. 

Keep an eye on the Nest instagram page for all the items for sale. You’ll find them here.

A taste of what's available...


My Gift Ideas

€49.50: Cotton Fringe Throw in Mocha

€69: Open Cane Storage Basket

€159: Pineapple Table Lamp

Fashion & Textiles


My Gift Ideas

€40: Irish Merino Wool Hat

€140: Irish Merino Wool Wide Sleeve Jumper

Wilde Ivy

My Gift Ideas

€79.95: Marie Shirt

€129: Jacquard Maxi Cardi


My Gift Ideas:

€39 (FOR HIM): Oxford and White Herringbone Cashmere Scarf

€69: Blue and Black Herringbone Ladies Leather Gloves

Atrium Dublin

My Gift Ideas

€16: Bonne Maison Angel Sock

€159: Hour & A Shower Nouba Woven Contrast Trainer

€189: Mairead Wall Knitwear Pink and Red

Urban Aran

€45: Urban Aran Alpaca Blend Scarf

€70: Urban Aran Barrier Masks & Scarf Bundle

Indigo & Cloth

My Gift Ideas

€75: Liner Jacket - Laurel Poplin

€80: Raglan Sweat - Grey

€120: Dante Backpack - Beige

Food and Booze

White Hag Beer

My Gift Ideas

€60: Box of 24 Mixed Beers (we’re a big fan of this in our house)


My Gift Ideas

€32.50: The Kilmurrin Hamper (Red)

€75: The Ardmore Hamper

Brew Box

My Gift Ideas

€40: Brew Box Christmas Coffee Selection Box

From around €50: Monthly Coffee Subscription


Bed of Roses 

My Gift Ideas

€29.99: Rose Quartz Layered Bee Necklace

€34.99: Emerald Gold filled Ear Threaders


My Gift Ideas

€50: 14kt Gold Filled Plain Teardrop Earrings

€140: 9kt Gold Lightning Bolt Bracelet

Inner Island

My Gift Ideas:

€80: Strata Necklace with Initial

€130: Strata Large Earring

Decora Clay

My Gift Ideas

€8.50: Cow Print Polymer Clay Earrings - Half Moon Shape

€10: Colourful Polymer Clay Statement Earrings



My Gift Ideas:

€99.99: Cerasilk Wand

€89.99 The MAX PRIME 1.25” Rotating Iron

(These are affiliate links)


My Gift Ideas:

€52: Super Nutrient Soothing & Replenishing Face Cream

€150: 4-Step Super Nutrient Face System


My Gift Ideas

€24: Hydrating Face Mist

€45 (For Him): Men’s Skincare Facial Kit

€95: Perfume Discovery Gift Box


My Gift Ideas:

€99.99 Hairdryers - White

€114.99 Hairdryer - Chrome Personalised

Available colours are white, chrome, black, rose gold, pink, electric candy.

(These are affiliate links)

Waters & Wild

My Gift Ideas

€20: Rinse Fee Hand Wash

From €35: Sweet Basil + Bergamot Eau de Parfum


Fat lemon prints

My Gift Ideas

From €13: The Bottoms Fat Babes Watercolour Illustration

From €55: Large Wall Hanging Fat Babe Illustration on Cotton Fabric

From €11: The Boobs Body Positive Illustration

Damn Fine Print

My Gift Ideas

€90: Heron By Annie Atkins

€45: Oaxaca-Zocalo by Harriet Bruce

€320: Elvis Knows by Eoin McCormack

€35: Good Light and Good Lick 1 by Jacob Stack

(click on the right hand side of the image to go through them)

Off Your Rocker

My Gift Ideas

€9: Christmas bundle 3 cards

€12: Christmas bundle 5 cards

Rochelle Lucey, Fine Artist from Kerry

Check out Rochelle's website here for details on commissions.

Example of Rochelle's work...

Laura Buchana

My Gift Ideas

€69: Lino Print - Tea Time

€90: 3 Riso Prints - Be Happy, Be Peaceful, Be Free



My Gift Ideas

€34 (for him): The Naked Shave Kit - Blue

€6.50: Colloidal Oatmeal Bath Soak – Coconut Milk

My Gift Ideas

From €1: Tree Planted Donation

€18: KURO-Bo’s 550ml Go-Eco Glass Water Bottle

Lovely Smells 

Little Wax company

My Gift Ideas

€57: Christmas Gift Box - Diamond Candle & Diffuser - Navy Blue

€28: Candle - Raindrop - Rose Gold

Charlotte's Scents 

My Gift Ideas

€10.99: Snowy Splendour Natural Scented Soy Wax Candle


My Gift Ideas

€42: Reflection Gift Box

€110: 6 Month Candle Subscription

Looking for something different  

Jute Basket 

My Gift Ideas

€13: Cotton Clara HOPE Cross Stitch Embroidery

€12: Assorted Pencils Giftbox by Katie Leamon

€17: Meraki Room Spray in Rain Forest

The Book resort 

€65: Luxury "Emerald" Gift Box


My Gift Ideas

€15: Bare: Irish Women's Sexual Fantasies

Willow and Wreath 

My Gift Ideas

€75: Peony and Lambsear Wreath

Box of Smiles 

My Gift Ideas

€40: Keep Ireland Smiling - Christmas

€50: Keep Galway Smiling (other boxes avail for Cork, Dublin, Kenmare, Killarney)

I could have gone on and on and on with this list but hopefully this will help you find the perfect gift for yourself or someone else. I've just picked my favourites from each of the stores above but be sure to check out what else they have.

Oh and don't forget another great gift idea is a voucher for a local restaurant, hotel, beauty salon or hairdresser.

Ok I'm outie, happy shopping local.