Designing Our Nursery

(Shop List, Colours, Cost...)

The nursery was my favourite room in our house to decorate, and definitely the most emotional. As soon as we found out we were having a baby I started pinning images and inspo, nothing like an expecting mom to start going on a nesting rampage. 

Some people want a surprise finding out the baby sex on the delivery day, and what a surprise that would be but we both wanted to find out what we were having, one because we’re too nosey, two because we wanted to be able to buy things and design the nursery and three, I really liked the idea of naming Farrah and being able to speak to her and creating a connection knowing who she was. 

A couple of themes kept emerging when looking at inspiration… boho, mixed patterns, rainbows and feminine earthy colours and so my vision was born.

I’m going to go through the design, the colours we picked and the shop list in case you’re interested.

The walls

Babies love contrast so I wanted to create a pattern on the wall that would be appealing to Farrah and what’s cuter than polka dots. I was originally going to hand paint dots but when Farrah arrived 4 weeks early I ended up buying stickers on etsy. I found the perfect ones that were PVC-free and eco friendly. They came in packs of 54 and cost 6.49 a pack. If you don’t want black there’s 18 other colours to choose from. The delivery was super quick and arrived in less than a week. 

Shop my polka dot stickers here.

As much as I love polka dots I felt covering the whole wall would be a bit OTT so I decided on the half and half look. The bottom half I wanted to paint in a nice warm neutral. Originally I wanted to use a colour called Delicately Dark from Crown’s new Elle Decoration range but couldn’t get my hands on it during lockdown. The lovely folks at Carlow Paint hub were delivering during lockdown and had a really nice similar colour in their Ultra-Safe Eco Emulsion range called Rice. 

Shop the paint colour here. 

The Furniture 

I had decided a while ago I didn't want a traditional changing unit, instead I wanted a chest of drawers I could add a changing basket on top of. I saw the Olli Ella Reva baby changing basket online and just loved it. I wasn't sure how practical it was but I actually didn’t care, I wanted it. Turns out it’s ideal and not not practical. I purchased 3 inserts for it that can all be machine washed, 2 pink and one mustard. 

Shop the Changing basket:

From We Are Barn - currently sold out but have similar (75) here.

Scandiborn - currently sold out but have similar (74.15) here.

From Josh and Jenna Kids (85) here.

Shop inserts:

Scandiborn (22.10) - rose, mustard and sage available here.

We Are Barn (28.50) - rose available, sage, mustard and white sold out, here.

I found the perfect chest of drawers on Ikea, it wasn't cheap but I loved the natural wood colour and the handles. I wanted to store all the changing essentials like nappies etc in the top drawers and the other drawers to store babygrows, vests, blankets etc. The Bjorksnas has 5 separate draws that create easy access to all the essentials. 

Shop the Ikea chest of drawers (250) here.

One of my good friends said to me when I was pregnant “one of the most important thing you’ll buy is a rocking chair.” I remember thinking that was madness at the time and humoured her by saying gotcha (sorry Vicky). But oh my word was she right. 

I spent the last few months of my pregnancy locked up in my house during the height of Covid. I was working from home in a chair that was not made to be sat at all day. My back was in ribbons. By 5:30pm every day I had so many aches. I ordered this rocker around a month before Farrah was born and it actually saved me. We moved it into our living room and I sat on it (or my lovely exercise ball) every evening. It’s so comfortable, nice and sturdy on my back and looks good. Once Farrah was born we moved it up to the nursery. 

In the first few weeks I spent a lot of time in the nursery with Farrah, sitting on this chair, feeding her. We still use it every night before bedtime to give Farrah her last feed.

Shop the Nested Smooth Easy Rocker (299) from Bella Baby Stores here.

The cot was another Ikea buy and guess what, it was only 55. It’s exactly what I wanted so I couldn't believe the price. This style comes in two sizes, I originally wanted the bigger one, as it would last longer but it was sold out and still seems to be sold out. 

Shop the cot (€,55) from Idea here.

Soft Furnishings

I wanted something to make the room nice and femine and what better way to make a girl feel like a princess than a bed canopy. I got this one from Scandiborn, they’ve lots of colours but it seems the bark one I bought is sold out.  

Shop the Scandiborn bed canopies here.

Shop my exact Konges Slojd canopy in Bark (€,125) here.

The rug was a hard one, I spend ages looking for the right one. The OYOY Follow the Rainbow rug kept sticking out. I loved the boho vibes of it and the colours really worked for the overall look.

Shop the rug: 

Scandiborn (€87.57) here.

Josh and Jenna Kids (€94.00) here.

Not feeling a floor rug, there’s also a wall rug available, that I just love but had no wall space for. 

Shop the wall rug from Josh and Jenna Kids (€118.00) here.

Other items shoplist:

Zara home sheets: Not available anymore but similar ones are here.

Wall shelf from (€32,90) here.

Wall hooks also from (19) here.

Farrah wooden sign is from Etsy (€28.78) I went with the one that’s 23 inches, here.

Farrah and rainbow wool signs are from Knots Cottage on Etsy here (GIFTED).

Wall art (You Go Girl, F, Girl Power and small rainbow) all from Make My Day Stationary on Etsy (GIFTED) here.

Wall art (Free Spirit Rainbow) is Folk and Nest, purchased in Nest, Waterford. 

Personalised family portrait is by Lucy Fairholm Prints on Etsy, here.

Wardrobe door handles are Zara Home but don’t seem to be available anymore.

Garland fromScandiborn (19.91) here.

So I think that about rounds it all up. If I missed anything please jump to the contact form below and drop me a line or contact me via Instagram.